About 3N2 Baseball Cleats
3N2 designs and manufactures the most comfortable and durable line of high performance baseball cleats on planet Earth. 3N2 baseball cleats are worn by baseball players at every level of the game – from t-ball to the major leagues – and come in a variety of cleat configurations, including molded, interchangeable and metal cleats. In addition to baseball cleats, 3N2 offers a wide range of baseball shoes such as turf shoes and trainers. Baseball players generally choose cleats based on the surface they will be playing on, personal preference and the level of game they are playing at. Metal cleats have unrivalled digging power and are ideal for harder surfaces. Molded cleats are generally made from a hardened plastic or rubber and can be used on a variety of surfaces, but are not as durable as metal cleats. Interchangeable cleats allow players to switch between metal and TPU or rubber cleats based on surface conditions. Many players are now opting to wear turf shoes or trainers, which have softer rubber cleats and emphasize comfort over performance.